Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dear Anonymous

I just received an anonymous message from someone who has bought The Woman Before Me but is scared to read it in case it upsets them. As I can't respond personally (no e-mail address) I am using this site to send a response: yes, the subject is emotional. And you may cry; I cried when I wrote it. But when you finish the book I hope you will be left with the feeling that you have been on a journey you are glad you took. Will you let me know? x
To convince you further here's the latest:

60 Amazon reviews for The Woman Before Me

Word of mouth is a fantastic tool for promoting a novel, so it is great to see the fantatic reviews for The Woman Before Me by Ruth Dugdall on Amazon. There are now 60 reviews on the site (42 five star and 10 four star), and it is great to see such overwhelming support for this fantastic debut.

Below are some of the fantastic endorsements:

‘instantly engaging and kept me gripped throughout. I'd go so far as to say it's unputdownable… an impressive debut and I would recommend it without reservation.’ – TARguy, Colchester

‘The characters are very rounded and believable, arousing sympathy and mistrust throughout the book. It's very pacy and keeps you guessing right to the end.’ – LadyMacbeth

‘Dugdall spins a very clever web of deceit and entwines her characters into her story. I totally enjoyed the book, as did the book club.’ – May Bee

‘the pages turn faster and faster as you go. This story is a refreshing change from the usual crime mystery, populated with real characters you can believe in. An excellent novel.’ – Frances Day, Gloucestershire

‘I really liked the style of writing and the way it differed from so many other crime thrillers out there… I would not hesitate to recommend this book’ – Julia Shaw

‘There were no winners among the characters in this novel but this is a winning book in more senses than one and I am glad I read it.’ – H Gore, Essex

‘Dugdall draws her characters with consummate skill, using her personal experience as a Probation Officer in a women's prison to bring them to life. She holds the reader's attention through to the end’ – Wendy

‘This story is about so many different things, loss, relationships, jealousy and obsession all displayed in a measured manner… Fantastic I hope Ruth Dugdall writes more for us’ – C. Bannister, Jersey

‘psychologically acute; it is also, more importantly, very, very moving.’ – David Rose

‘a finely crafted piece of observation. A precise study of human need… excellent stuff!’ – Gary Murning, author

‘Dark and disturbing, this psychological thriller will stay with you long after you've put the book down.’ – S Lovett, Essex

‘I loved this book even with its dark subject matter, and read it in two sittings. It is a real page turner and written with real insight into all the characters.’ – M. Squirrell

‘Absolutely brilliant. I could not put it down and read it in a day. Still thinking about the characters now.’ – schoolescort

‘this one is definitely addictive and definitely leaves you wanting more.’ – kayscarpetta, Cleveland

‘What makes this thriller so successful is the way sadness and creepiness combine - in the sense that the reader feels that such a story could happen in anybody's life.’ – Petch

‘This was a page turner from beginning to end… I cannot wait for the next installment from this author.’ – AY Smith

‘With a fantastic eye for detail and sense of place this story will stay with you long after you've finished reading it.’ – Green One

‘A dark and captivating read. Dugdall reveals her skills as a `wordsmith', creating a spare and compelling narrative that is both satisfying and disquieting.’ – bhgirl

‘If you like dark and disturbing plots, this is for you! You'll be gripped by the relentless pace of the story and be prepared for a couple of shocks at the end.’ – Roz Colyer, Essex

‘Pacy, believable, with characters you can really root for; Ruth Dugdall is a talent to watch out for.’ - Devon Violets

‘It was marvelous, a real diametric juxtaposition of raw emotion and sophisticated narrative, pacy plotlines and luxuriously laconic descriptions reminiscent of authors such as John Connolly’ - Mark

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