Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back in the swing of things...

Vermont was magical. It was my first time back since honeymooning there 13 years ago and we took the kids back to the same hotel which felt very special and nostalgic. Lots of mountain hiking (as the Americans call it) and swimming in `swimming holes`. In fact, the house we stayed in lost water for 4 days so swimming in the lake was our only way to wash! All adds to the experience.

Now I'm back, climbing a different sort of mountain (washing!) and still on American time, which had better adjust soon as tomorrow is my first publicity event. At 2.30 (UK time) I'll be interviewed by Hannah on Talk Europe Radio. Then on Saturday I'm back to the book signings, at Waterstones in Coventry from 10am. Coventry was a good event last year with The Woman Before Me so I'm hoping to see some friendly faces again. If you live in the area please pop along & say hello!