Friday, 14 September 2012

Waiting for Wymondham

I am really excited about appearing at the Wymondham Words festival next week, alongside Jim Kelly. I know I'm excited because last night I had a dream about it. It was raining, and my books got sodden, and I was late! A typical anxiety dream, which I interpret as my brain `getting ready`. Am I anxious? Well, of course. It's a public event and a little performance nerves is natural. But I also see this as a great opportunity to meet readers, and to hear when they have to say, as there will be a q&a session. Also, I feel honoured to be teamed with Jim, whom I first met about ten years ago. I bought a book and asked him to sign it! I've seen him since (at Bodies in the Bookshop, Cambridge) and that was around the time of the New Angle Prize for Literature 2012. I was long-listed, but Jim actually won it. Our chair is Ed Parnell, a fellow Escalator alumni, so I feel in safe hands. If anyone wants more details the website is