Wednesday, 8 July 2009

School Trip

School`s out for summer. Well, nearly. So today I visited my old school and ran workshops with the year 7 & 8s. The theme: Suddenly this summer...

Lots of books for children are set in the summer hols, so I read from selected texts then got the kids to write their own summer story. We looked at different genres, settings, creating a character and plot.

What strikes me is how children have fantastic imaginations, but can sometimes be afraid to put their ideas on paper. A few asked if they could use a pc - as if writing on the computer is easier. I tried to encourage them to just go with the story they were building. One lad said he was going to finish his story when he got home instead of playing a computer game like he usually did.

I had a great day. The highlight for me was that the kids were enthusiastic about my novel-in-progress, Family Snap, and wanted to know when it would be published. Funny, that. It`s what I`d like to know too!