Friday, 10 July 2009

The kids are alright...

Just like Kylie & Robbie said, the kids really are alright.

I just got back from another day of writing workshops with year 6/7 & 8s, and what a great bunch they were. I`m not saying there wasn`t a bit of crowd control needed, but they had spirit and ideas, and I really enjoyed their stories.

The thing with writing is that it is is democratic. I mean, this was a school on an estate (the school I used to attend, as it happens) and maybe some hobbies are too expensive for these kids, (you know, the cost of musical instruments or golf lessons or whatever) but all you need to write is an imagination. I was telling them how I used to work in a prison with children inmates, and they discovered how to `escape` with writing.

And don`t we all need to escape once in a while?

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