Friday, 2 March 2012

WANTED: Critical Teenagers

So, teenagers can be difficult and taciturn and generally negative? Good! That is what I want. Five of them, to be exact.
Why, you ask?

Well, my current project is a novel entitled em>My Sister and Other Liars. It tells the story of Sam, a sassy and sardonic teen who is approaching her eighteenth birthday.
When Sam was nearly ten her sister, Jena, was attacked and left for dead. Jena is now brain-damaged, and lives in a community hospital, unable to remember anything about the attack.

The police have no leads, they are closing the case. So Sam has decided to take matters into her own hands.
She intends to find the man who attacked her sister, and to kill him.

Because most of the novel is told in Sam's voice I want five teenagers to read the novel and tell me what I've got wrong. Is Sam's voice convincing? What about the bands she likes and clothes she wears? What could I improve?

There is a prize!

All five of my critics will get a credit in the book when it is published and an invite to the launch party. They will also get signed copies of my other novels or (if they prefer) a book voucher.
The teenager who gives me the most useful feedback will also have their name (or one of their choice) used in the novel.

How does that sound?

If you know of any teenagers who love reading and would enjoy helping me, then please contact me via my website,, where you will find a `contact Ruth` button.

Many thanks!


  1. Just as a p.s. my `ideal` reader would be an A level student, possibly studying English, Art or Sociology as this would mean they have a lot in common with Sam.
    Thanks x

  2. Hope you found your ideal reader as I cant wait to read your next book. I have read your books in quick succesion and just love them. I love the way you write, which is so important with books. Its not just the story content that makes a good read, its the way that it is written that absorbs you into it. Do you know when your new book should be released?, also id like to ask what made you choose uterine rupture for rose in the woman before me? I ask this as I myself sufferd a ruture and it is something that alot of people have not heard of. Thanks for your time in reading my message, and thank you for the gift of your work, long may it contiue. All the best claire