Tuesday, 11 October 2011

40 five star reviews for The Woman Before Me

The Woman Before Me by Ruth Dugdall has received a fantastic response so far from readers on Amazon - with 40 five star reviews posted up for the book.

There is great word of mouth momentum behind this book - and we would love you to join the discussion by reading the book and reviewing online.

Here are some reader's thoughts:

'Ruth Dugdall has written her with great psychological insight and captures Rose's descent into obsession with chilling precision. I found myself desperate for Rose to do the right thing and yet simultaneously understanding her needs, even empathising with them. It's quite an achievement and left me disturbed long after I had put the book down. This is an impressive debut and I would recommend it without reservation.'

'Ruth Dugdall draws her characters with consummate skill, using her personal experience as a Probation Officer in a women's prison to bring them to life. She holds the reader's atention through to the end, with its horrifying twist.'

'This is a book that you're drawn into right from the start and it quickly becomes a page turner that you just can't put down. I didn't see the twist coming. The characters are very rounded and believable, arousing sympathy and mistrust throughout the book. It's very pacy and keeps you guessing right to the end. I can't wait to read Ruth Dugdall's next one. A totally unique book that creates its own genre. Great movie material.'


  1. i have the book but i am to scared to read it as i read the back of the book only when i had bought it, i know i would be crying buckets reading it so im putting it off

  2. Hello Ruth!
    I've just stumbled across you as I examine the websites of "crime writers" for my own ideas. I'm thrilled to see your Dagger Award! Wonderful.

    I love the review of The Woman Before Me. I shall pick it up and add it to my burgeoning to-read list (which I shall treat much differently than the similar vehicle on Autho).

    Pete Morin

  3. Thank you Pete for your lovely comment. I won the Debut Dagger in 2005 - so it still took 5 years for the book to see the light of day. But it was a high point in my career.

    Dear Anonymous,
    You deserve a fuller response. Please see my latest blog post...