Friday, 4 September 2009

Oh, ye of little faith...

I just had an e-amil from hubbie. "I`ve found a job for you!" it said.
Thing is, I think I`ve got a job. Okay, it`s not paying any bills at ye mo, but that`s just about time. And faith.
Which brings me on to my latest project. I am currently an `apprentice`, one of 5 chosed by Adventures in Fiction, and will soon be starting a mentoring programme with - wait for it! - Laura Wilson. How chuffed am I? Laura is a writer who is already on my bookshelf, and I`m thinking if anyone can tell me what I need to do to get a deal with one of the `big gun` publishers, she can.
Yesterday I met the other 4 writers, and that in itself was a buzz. Writing can be so lonely, it`s good to know others are out there, just as depressed and frustrated...
We had a session with childrens` writer Brian Keaney, who was funny and wise (as well he may be, after 26 years in the business!). His main advice was to keep at it, keep re-inventing out `writer profile`, and to roll with the punches...
And to have a little faith!

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